A look at the Epic Exhibition of Iran at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Five Thousand Years of Glamorous Culture

31 May 2021
 Opening in May 2021, Epic Iran will explore 5,000 years of Iranian art, design and culture, bringing together more than 300 objects from ancient, Islamic and contemporary Iran. It will be the UK’s first major exhibition in 90 years to present an overarching narrative of Iran from 3000 BC to the present day. Epic Iran is organized by the V&A with the Iran Heritage Foundation in association with The Sarikhani Collection. 
A look at the Epic Exhibition of Iran at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Five Thousand Years of Glamorous Culture

 Iran was home to one of the great historic civilizations, yet its monumental artistic achievements remain unknown to many. Epic Iran will explore this civilization and the country’s journey into the 21st century, from the earliest known writing – signaling the beginning of history in Iran – through to the 1979 Revolution and beyond. Ranging from sculpture, ceramics and carpets, to textiles, photography and film, works will reflect the country’s vibrant historic culture, architectural splendors, the abundance of myth, poetry and tradition that have been central to Iranian identity for millennia, and the evolving, self-renewing culture evident today. From the Cyrus Cylinder and intricate illuminated manuscripts of the Shahnameh, to ten-metre-long paintings of Isfahan tilework, Shirin Neshat’s powerful two-screen video installation Turbulent, and Shirin Aliabadi’s striking photograph of a young woman blowing bubblegum, the exhibition will offer a fresh perspective on a country that is so often seen through a different lens in the news.


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