Finarte Auction

Milan | Italy
Finarte was founded in 1959 , on the initiative of the Milanese banker Gian Marco Manusardi, with the aim of assisting collectors and operators in the sector in the purchase and sale of works of art . Finarte is the first company in the world to operate financing in a field that did not have any credit with banking institutions. Since the early years of the historic Milanese headquarters in via Broletto, the strategy of the auction house is clear: to focus on  specialized auctions , from ancient to contemporary art, from silver to jewelery, from numismatics to porcelain and gradually to all sectors of collecting, while trying to internationalize its market (also with joint ventureswith operators in the sector) In a few years Finarte became a leader in the art market sector in Italy : at the end of the 1960s Finarte organized an average of 15 auctions per year, a number doubled in the 1970s.
Finished Auctions

13 October 2022
2 Sold
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Total Sales €35,372
34,678 USD
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23 June 2022
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