About Us





Artchart is an art market analysis platform. Artchart was designed and launched in 2019 in order to clarify the Iranian art market by providing a clear database with a focus on Iran and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Globally, online databases collect and evaluate the results of various public auctions, and Artchart seeks to fill this void domestically. As a result, it offers its services with a focus on deep data analysis and analysis of the economic performance of artists.




What does

Artchart do?



Examine the economic performance of each artist

Provide an authentic report about each artist’s market and professional path

Present the artwork’s sales records

Create profiles for artists to be seen better on the social media

Art appraisal: Valuation and pricing of artworks

Authoring reports, articles, interviews, and authentic essays about the art market



What can I find

on Artchart?

Biographies of more than 2000 artists

The annual artist's sales records at exhibitions and auctions 

Compare artists' markets based on different filters

Present changes in the artists' works values during their presence at auctions with a graph

The best-selling countries in the region and the geographical distribution of sales values

Access to artworks' sales records in auctions

View statistics of the most expensive and latest artworks sold in auctions

Access to Artchart special magazine about art economics

View Iranian art market analysis charts by subscribing on the website