Art Moderne and Contemporain auction

  • Millon & Associés Paris
  • 24 May 2023
  • The Middle Eastern Modern and Contemporary sale celebrates a wide range of works by brilliant artists of Arab, North African, Iranian and Turkish descent spanning the modern era to the contemporary period. The sale brings together paintings, watercolours, photographs and drawings by artists such as Fatma Baya, Nejad Devrim, George Hanna Sabbagh, Samir Rafi, Shakir Hassan Al Said, Faik Hassan, Abbas Kiarostami as well as beautiful works by Alireza Daryabeghi. This is the perfect sale for new and established collectors.
Auction Report

Sales Performance Against Estimates
Min Estimate €337,600
363,011 USD
Max Estimate €492,900
530,000 USD
Total Sale €402,400
432,688 USD
Average Artwork Worth €9,815
10,553 USD
Artists 47
Artworks 74
Sold Artworks 41

Realized Prices vs. Average Estimates
Top 10 Expensive Lots Against Estimate
Top 10 Lots with Highest Growth vs. Average Estimate
Comparison of Artwork Prices Across Price Points
Total Sales Based on Artist Nationality
Lots Offered by Medium
Lots Offered by Living/Deceased Artists
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