Modern and Contemporary Art auction

  • Freeman's Philadelphia
  • 11 May 2022
  • Freeman’s May 11 Modern and Contemporary Art auction is led by Henry Moore’s Architectural Project, an elegant bronze that underscores the maturity and energy of the artist’s later work. Following the $2.1M sale of sculpture by François-Xavier Lalanne in 2021, the present sale features two playful Mouton de Pierre sculptures by the celebrated French artist and designer. Collectors of contemporary art will be pleased to find painting, sculpture, and works on paper by such twentieth-century giants as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Alexander Calder, and Harry Bertoia, and a selection of five evocative, atmospheric works by painter Robert Kipniss. Modern and Contemporary Art also features important works by modern painters, like Yves Tanguy’s Composition Surréaliste—a barren, surreal landscape—and pioneers of Color Field and abstraction, including Josef Albers’s Hommage au Carré and Kikuo Saito’s Ika-Luga.
Auction Report

Sales Performance Against Estimates
Min Estimate $12,000
Max Estimate $18,000
Total Sale $0
Average Artwork Worth $0
Artists 1
Artworks 1
Sold Artworks 0

Realized Prices vs. Average Estimates
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