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At the beginning, Artibition started its activity in the field of visual arts by forming a group including an art expert, a sales expert and an IT expert. The gallery's approach, was selling the visual artists' works online. Artibition Gallery was formed in 2017 along with the online platform by focusing on art collecting and raising awareness in this field and preserving the values of the works of veteran artists. Artibition Gallery also takes steps to develop young artists' career and create a market for them.
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26 April - 7 May 2024
Bull Suffer
1 March - 10 March 2024

Iranian Art Market Report for the Year 1401 SH 15 May 2023
When the Art Hall team was looking for the Iranian artworks' sales records for art appraisal, felt the void of an authoritative art reference. That's why Artchart was born in 2019. The purpose of launching Artchart was to create a database of the Iranian art market that can be used as a reference for a wide range of people, from artists to art collectors. Now Artchart has collected...