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Iranian Art Market Report for 1402 SH (2023-2024) 20 April 2024
Artchart, which had previously examined the Iranian Art  Market in 1401 SH (2022-2023), has once again provided an in-depth report for 1402 SH (2023-2024). The forthcoming report will analyze the data collected in 1402 SH and compare it to previous years to illustrate the current state and trends within the Iranian art market. The initial section provides an overview of the mos...
Mohsen Vaziri-Moghadam's Market Review 27 January 2024
Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, an Iranian painter, sculptor, lecturer, and art writer, was born in Behbahan in 1925 and passed away in Rome 94 years later. Throughout his career, he conducted various experiments using different materials and media. However, Vaziri-Moghaddam is most renowned for his sand paintings and articulated sculptures. His works have been featured in auctions since 2...