Tehran | Iran
In April 2005, Homa art gallery was established by  Parviz Maleki and managed by Hengameh Moammeri.
Our mission:  reviewing of Iran contemporary and modern visual arts.promoting emerging artists in Iran and abroad. Gallery Homa is proud to have been the first gallery who exhibited major cutting edge artists in Iran by helping them to start their carriers. Gallery Homa has shown hundred and fifty exhibitions  so far.
Gallery Homa  cooperates  with the art museums, foundations and art galleries in promotion of developing of young Iranian arts by holding the annual exhibition of Nasle no,( new generation).
 Also exhibiting the seasonal collection, Improvement of Iranian modern and contemporary art collections, advising the amateur and professional collectors and providing art purchasers with proper  economic context, are our lateral activities .
Finished Exhibitions

How to Be An Iranian?
2 September - 30 September 2022
Ephemeral Garden
8 July - 19 July 2022