Tehran | Iran
Finished Auctions

The ۱۹th Tehran -Classic and Modern Iranian Art
24 January 2024
15 Sold
Above Max Estimate
67 Sold
Within Estimates
Not Sold
Total Sales 2,658,920,000,000﷼
4,799,495 USD
The 18th Tehran Contemporary Art Online
12 December 2023
54 Sold
Above Max Estimate
58 Sold
Within Estimates
Not Sold
Total Sales 617,760,000,000﷼
1,225,714 USD

The 19th Tehran Auction Report 10 February 2024
The 19th Tehran auction, also known as the 5th Classic and Modern Iranian Art auction, took place on January 26, 2024, at Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran. With a focus on both modern and classic styles, this auction featured 89 works by 69 artists, resulting in the successful sale of 82 pieces. Remarkably, the auction achieved an impressive sales rate, with 92% of the presented works fi...
Mohsen Vaziri-Moghadam's Market Review 27 January 2024
Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, an Iranian painter, sculptor, lecturer, and art writer, was born in Behbahan in 1925 and passed away in Rome 94 years later. Throughout his career, he conducted various experiments using different materials and media. However, Vaziri-Moghaddam is most renowned for his sand paintings and articulated sculptures. His works have been featured in auctions since 2...