The ۱۹th Tehran -Classic and Modern Iranian Art auction

  • Tehran Tehran
  • 24 January 2024
  • The 19th edition of Tehran, Iran's classic and modern art auction took place at the Parsian Hotel in Tehran, featuring 89 works by 69 artists. This marked the fifth occasion that the Tehran auction house presented both classical and modern pieces. The showcased works spanned various genres, including paintings, calligraphy, classics, and sculptures. The auction, hosted on Friday, January 26, 2024, was conducted with the engaging presence of Reza Kianian. 
Auction Report

Sales Performance Against Estimates
Min Estimate 2,342,500,000,000﷼
4,228,339 USD
Max Estimate 2,921,000,000,000﷼
5,272,563 USD
Total Sale 2,658,920,000,000﷼
4,799,495 USD
Average Artwork Worth 32,425,853,659﷼
58,530 USD
Artists 69
Artworks 89
Sold Artworks 82

Realized Prices vs. Average Estimates
Top 10 Expensive Lots Against Estimate
Top 10 Lots with Highest Growth vs. Average Estimate
Comparison of Artwork Prices Across Price Points
Total Sales Based on Artist Nationality
Lots Offered by Medium
Lots Offered by Living/Deceased Artists
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