The VenoArt Mother's Day Auction auction Online

  • Veno Art
  • 1 May 2022
  • Mama. . . Madre. . . Ama. . . Mutter. . . Mommy. . . Just as there are many different names for a mother, whether she becomes a parent by giving birth or by adoption or foster care or when she became a father's new wife. . . Motherhood is a "Special Gift". Sunday May 8th is the day to celebrate all mothers and motherhood. One way to celebrate is through art. VenoArt will host its Mother's Day auction on May 1st. The auction celebrates talent and diversity by artists around the world; some who are mothers themselves. . . As always, a percentage of all proceeds go to charity. Let VenoArt's global platform help you honor someone you love this May. To the world she is a mother; but to her family, she is the world. . .
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